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Mettler Family Vineyards

Farmers First

Horses and wagonOur family has been growing grapes for eight generations, dating back to the small German (now French) village of Alsace. We have been growing premium wine grapes in the Lodi appellation for six generations and, in addition to our own wines, continue to grow grapes for many well-known wineries. We were one of the first farming families to introduce French clones to our region, and have experience growing many unique varietals such as Pinotage and Aglianico. Our family still farms some of our original family properties which date back to the late 1800’s.

CratesOur wines are selected from very small blocks of vineyards, which are trained on special trellis systems, one which was originally designed by Jason, our vineyard manager, and Larry Mettler. These systems allow just the right amount of sunlight to grace the fruit on the vine. Our crop level is controlled using minimum use of water and hand-thinning. Our wines are an expression of where and how the grapes are grown, including the clonal choice, vineyard sites, trellis, crop management and expertise of the winemaker. We personally manage the entire process, paying close attention to every detail.

The Lodi Wine Region is defined and influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Situated directly east of San Francisco, at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, Lodi takes advantage of the coastal gap as the northern and southern coastal ranges meet at the San Francisco Bay. As temperatures rise in the central valley, cool maritime breezes are pulled directly across the Lodi region, creating a distinctive climate that has allowed premium wine grapes to flourish for over a century. Boasting a classic Mediterranean climate, Lodi has warm, dry summers and cool, moist winters. The dry warm summer days allow Lodi grapes to develop full ripe fruit flavors, while the distinctive breezes maintain the natural acidity for structure and complexity in the finished wines.


Organic and the Sustainable

Farming Practices
We have always been progressive concerning our farming techniques. Using integrated pest management, cover crops and composting; and disease control through trellising, shoot positioning and leaf removal, we farm land for healthy vines and consistent wine quality.

Certified SustainableCertified Sustainable
Our Lodi vineyards are certified sustainable through the “Lodi Rules” certification process. The Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing is California’s first 3rd party-certified sustainable winegrowing program. It promotes practices that enhance biodiversity, soil and water health, community and employee well-being, while meeting our needs today without compromising the needs of future generations.

Certified OrganicCertified Organic
In addition to sustainability, in 2010 we took our vineyards to the next level and became certified organic through the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). It has been a vision of the family for years to become an organic farm and this is an important commitment to the quality and uniqueness of the Mettler wines. As farmers—and as a family—we hold a fundamental belief in giving back to the land, to maintain its bounty and nourish the soil to last for many generations to come.

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